Ealing & Harrow Child Therapy Service

Miss Heenal Oza, MSc, BA(Hons), MBACP Registered

Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

71-75 Uxbridge Road
W5 5SL

Tel: 07522 855 756


Ealing and Harrow Counselling Services for Children

I recommend that parents/guardians contact me for a no obligation, informal introduction prior to arranging an initial assessment. This will facilitate your decision on whether therapy would be beneficial for your child or not. You can call me on 07522 855 756 or email me on .

I am happy to talk with you and/or your child over the phone. Accessing any new service can be daunting, by having a conversation beforehand, I can go through the various types of therapy (Psychotherapy, CBT, person centred play therapy etc), and my professional background (please see my About me page, and Practicalities.) This will then help you to decide whether this is the service you think your child needs.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Assessment

Before initiating therapy, I will complete an initial assessment, collating information from your child and the parents/guardians. However, if there is information that cannot be discussed in front of your child, please call me on 07522 855 756 first.

This assessment takes approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the individual child and family. You and your child will complete a few questionnaires, a therapy intake form, and a confidentiality agreement.

In some cases, if we require further information around your child’s behaviour at school, I may need information from the school (with prior written/verbal consent from you — Please follow this link to access BACP code of ethics).

I can liaise with the school and arrange a convenient time to undertake observations. This service is only available for children in primary school, and children with behavioural concerns or suspected neurodevelopmental conditions. I rarely see children in secondary schools for observations.

By having this information, I will be able to assess the level of difficulties, understand your child’s developmental history and see if there are any external factors contributing to the distress. All of this helps me to formulate and decide how we can proceed in planning the type of therapy that will be most helpful.

Therapy Planning

Once all the information has been thoroughly assessed, I will explain the different types of therapy; Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), psychotherapy , play therapy, or an integrative approach. The type of therapy provided will be tailored to your child’s needs.

Some younger children have not developed the language or cognitive understanding of emotions of an older child; therefore I may recommend play therapy combined with a CBT approach.

If your child has any learning difficulties or neurodevelopmental conditions, I will aim to work around their cognitive processing. I might use an integrative approach, for example Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I will also discuss the length of time per session (each child’s capacity is different).

Once I have decided on the best approach, I will explain why I have chosen this approach, as well as the aims of therapy and approximately how many sessions are required.

I follow the NICE guidelines for clinical decisions, and normally hold a small review session in case there is a change in the therapy plan.

Ealing and Harrow Child Therapy Service – The Practicalities

There is more information on my Practicalities and FAQ pages about where I work, time frame etc. The Practicalities page will give you information regarding access to the car park in Ealing Broadway and Harrow, and to public transportation.

Please do not hesitate to call me 07522 855 756 if you require further clarification on the above. I look forward to hearing from you.